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photography & design

For Professionals

Integrating photography & design was a key component for me when I started out. There’s nothing more satisfying than being part of a project from start to finish. If you need marketing material but lack the images to make a strong impact, we can discuss your various needs and options for a photoshoot, whether it’s just a few headshots, product photography, or photos of your facilities or processes.


Professional headshots can help set you apart from the competition.  Including a photo on marketing material helps your readers make a personal connection.  Think about all the different mediums you might be using your photo for and we can get a variety of shots and styles to fit each need.

Product Photography

People are visual, and let’s face it, they don’t like to put a lot of effort into figuring things out.  Snag their attention with photos, and they are more apt to put effort into reading what you have to say.  Whether you have tangible products or foods, a facility you want photos of, or documentation of a process in action, we can discuss the best route to go.

Marketing Material

Big or small, chances are your business needs some form of advertising.  Small hobbyists often need help with social media ads, established businesses have social and print needs to keep a seamless appearance, and corporate companies often have internal needs like company calendars and flyers.  No matter what your budget is, we can discuss options for any sized project you’re facing!  I can hand over digital files if you’re a diy printer, or I can handle all of the printing so you don’t have to.  Since all projects have different needs and budgets, it’s hard to post pricing for all options, so shoot me an email at and give me a little description of your project to get us started!