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Kayla + Tom | Whitesville, NY | Critt’nDesign Photography

September 20, 2016

I LOVE setting up sessions when I go back to my hometown in upstate Pa because it gives me an excuse to see everyone that I don’t normally get to when I’m up there!  I took this little beauty’s NEWBORN pics and hdan’t seen her since!  It just seemed to never work out every trip I made up there, so we made sure it happened one way or another last time!  They had this perfect little field next to their house, which made it even more special.

Bisset Family 1

It took Charlie a little time to warm up and realize I’m the “Fiffy” she had been hearing about all this time, but when she did, she was so much fun with loads of personality!

Bisset Family 2

Bisset Family 3

We stopped to pick some pretty flowers and check out a really interesting mossy log (I’m a sucker for mossy logs).  I was excited that she shared the same taste in logs too.  :)

Bisset Family 4

Bisset Family 5

As we worked our way around, Mom remembered the berries, which got Charlie excited all over again!!

Bisset Family 6

She was such a trooper for the posed family shots that we ended with a good ball game.  How stinkin’ adorable is this kid!?

Bisset Family 7

She played until she realized her feet were grassy……. then it was 100% game over. lol.