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Jazwinski-Bailey Lenape Heights Wedding: May 21, 2016

Jessica & Claude’s Wedding | Lenape Heights, Ford City, Pa | Critt’nDesign Photography

May 27, 2016

You’d never know this was a rainy, dreary day with the pure love and happiness that shine through these photos!  They were planning for an outdoor ceremony, and even had an absolutely gorgeous evening for rehearsal, but wedding day was not so forgiving!  We ended up having to change a few things at the last minute, including photography during the ceremony because things were tight in the reception hall with so many people there to love and support them on such a special day for them!  We made it through every hurdle and these two just kept on smiling and living every minute to the fullest all day long.  Such a great way to kick off this wedding season with these two!

The hotel right there at Lenape Heights gave us the perfect backdrop for Jessica’s dress when we hung it over the balcony!  The light!  A Photographers DREAM!


During prep, Jessica’s dad was in for a big surprise as they let him have a special “First Look” with his gorgeous baby girl!  And isn’t she stunning?!?  Every detail was spot on, including the handkerchiefs Jessica had customized for her parents.  It was truly worth the wait trying to pull this together.  I rarely get teary-eyed, but this moment almost did me in!!


3.Ceremony & Wedding Party

I love when a bride tells me she doesn’t care if her hair gets wet or her dress gets a little dirty.  You’ll be looking at your photos for a lifetime, but you’ll rarely pull that dress back out to remember how dirty it got.  I’m so so glad we went out to the arbor to get these shots for them along with their first family photo as a married couple with their son.  I always suggest they do what their gut is telling them so they don’t regret not doing something afterwards.  Even if we get a little wet!  lol
Disclaimer: I will only do this in drizzle and light mist… full on rain + DSLRs = Disaster Zone for Photographers ;)

4.Arbor in the Rain

I was ecstatic when Mom came to me with this Bible that has been passed down in the family!!

5.Rings and Bible

Right to the end, these two were beautiful, inside and out!!


Congratulations, Jessica & Claude!!

Venue: Lenape Heights | Ford City, Pa